• Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline-Polyimide Thin-film Composite Membranes for Vegetable Oils/Solvent Separation
  • Naveed Shahzad Ali, Abdul Ghaffar , Asif Ali Qaiser*, Muhammad Ahmad*, and Khurram

  • Department of Chemistry, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore-54890, Pakistan *Department of Polymer and Process Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore-54890, Pakistan

  • 식물성 기름/용매 분리를 위한 Polyaniline-Polyimide 박막 복합 Membrane의 합성과 특성 분석

The recovery of solvents from the extracted oils using conventional thermal separation processes i.e. distillation or evaporation is often an energy-intensive process. To provide an energy-efficient alternative, an organic solvent nanofiltration thin-film composite membrane was prepared by depositing a thin layer of polyaniline (PANI), a selective layer, via interfacial polymerization on a crosslinked polyimide (XPI), a base ultrafiltration support membrane, to provide selective transport of constituents of a miscella. The membrane was characterized by microscopic, spectroscopic, and thermal analysis. The evaluation of the separation performance was carried out by a dead-end stirred cell using three vegetable oils. For sunflower, corn, and castor oil/n-hexane mixtures, the membrane resulted in a % rejection of 50, 56, and -44, respectively. A comparison of mass flux and rejection of corn and castor oils suggests that the PANI/XPI membranes showed a strong ion-exchange behavior significantly recognizing charge macromolecules due to the presence of charged emeraldine PANI.

Keywords: organic solvent nanofiltration, thin-film composite membrane, interfacial polymerization, crosslinking, vegetable oil/solvent separation

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This Article

  • 2021; 45(1): 68-78

    Published online Jan 25, 2021

  • 10.7317/pk.2021.45.1.68
  • Received on Jul 25, 2020
  • Revised on Sep 21, 2020
  • Accepted on Sep 23, 2020

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